Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty secrets

Have you seen some people, men or women, they look half of their age? Their skin is silky and beautiful. There are no dark circle under the eyes? and hair, oh my are so silky, wavy, straight and feel like touching it?

You too can have those secrets, some natural and some with products. Everyone likes to to look their best, no matter what age, if you are single or married with kids. We can be best we can be and look the best we can.

It has been said, beautiful people get everything faster. In interview, they tend to get hired quicker compared to well qualified okay looking person. Is that fair? I sure do not think so. Some people are born with beauty, it is in their genes, while most of us, have to work at it but it can be done. We will explore some ways to look and feel beautiful.

First and foremost is to reduce stress in your life. Stress adds wrinkles and ages you quicker. Here are quick 5 tips to start out on journey to beautifying yourself. This tips are for both women and men, regardless of the age.

1. Sleep
Get you 8 hours of sleep. Some time you need more, and that's okay. If you can take a short power nap in afternoon, do so. Those 10-15 minutes will do you very good.

2. Excercise
Walk, jog, run, excercise in Gym or at home. Play with your dog, kids, or boyfriend/girl friend. Go for a hike. Excervise does not need to be boring. You can catch up on TV or movies watching while you run on trademill. Do at least 30 minutes of excercise every day.

3. Water
Drink water. We often drink coffee, tea and lot of soda and while there is nothing wrong with it, but water is the best for your body. If you can drink ice water or chilled water, it has said to help your metabilosm too. So go ahead, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

4. Go in Sun
We get vitamin D by being sun and also by fortified food. If weather is good, go outside in Sun, read a book, do gardening, or walk or like me, do people watching at the park. 15 minutes of sunlight will do miracle. Try it for 2 weeks and you can feel the difference.

5. Take your vitamins
Balanced diet is good, but when we can not eat well, make sure your take your proper vitamins everyday. Now, there is vitamins for every age, women, men and childrens are available. Some are in gel, pill or liguid forms, whatever your budget and taste are, everyone should take vitamin and can afford it.

We will exlpore more secrets of looking good in future posts.


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