Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Eve Party Favors: How to pick

If you are planning a New Years Eve party, you might be considering offering party favors to your guests. This is an excellent idea and can offer your guests a lovely memento of the party. Hosts of a New Years Eve party have a lot of options for favors. If the New Years Eve party has a theme, the host might consider offering a favor which goes with the theme of the party. If the New Years Eve party does not have a theme, the favor may be related to traditional symbols of the New Year or may be completely unrelated to the holiday season. This article will offer some advice for providing favors at a New Years Eve party including a few ideas for favors.

When hosting a New Years Eve party, it is important to decide whether or not your will give favors to your guests while you are still in the planning stages of the party. This is especially important if you are setting a strict budget for the New Years Eve party. Considering favors early in the planning process will help to ensure you budget properly and include enough money in the budget to purchase favors for all of your guests.

One idea for giving favors is to offer items which are traditionally associated with New Years Eve. Champagne glasses are popular choices for favors for a New Years Eve party. It is a nice touch to have the date of the party engraved on the glasses to make the favors more personal and to ensure the guests will always remember the party. Other favors which are considered appropriate for a New Years Eve party include clocks and top hats.

If you host a themed New Years Eve party, it is a good idea to give your guests a favor which is closely associated to the theme of the party. For example if you threw a New Years Eve party with a western theme you might consider giving the guests beer mugs instead of champagne glasses. For a New Years Eve party with a theme related to the ocean you could give guests seashells or sand sculptures as favors.

Another popular option for party favors at any party is candy. You can purchase candy in a variety of different shapes. You may opt for a shape which is appropriate for New Years Eve or a fun shape which is completely unrelated to the occasion.

A truly unique and fun idea for providing favors for a New Years Eve party is to ask each guest to bring a party favor to the New Years Eve party. The guests can either purchase a favor for the purpose of the party or they can bring a favor they received at another party. The favors can either be practically, whimsical, nostalgic or even silly. As the guests arrive you can collect the favors and place them at each place setting under an opaque cloth. Then as the guests are seated they can take turns unveiling their favor. The guest who provided the favor can either tell the true story of how they acquired the favor or they can make up the story about the favor. This way the favors also provide entertainment for the guests.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Beauty rules to live by

Sleep is one of the important aspect of preserving the beauty. I was reading one of the book Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules: Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons, which is fabulous by the way, has great techniques for not only looking beautiful but also feeling beautiful too. I think self esteem is one of the important aspect of being beautiful in my opinion.

I like the overall subject and message of this book. Yes, it is a beauty book, but it isn't just a bunch of tips on how to apply eyeliner and makeup tips. It talks about confidence, eating right and taking care of ALL of you. The information in it is about building up the whole girl, not just putting a layer of color over what ever it is you don't like about yourself.

Beauty rules gives you tips for your skin tone, skin condition and emphasizing the positive. It talks about every day and prom make-up. The stories in it are real, engaging and sometimes funny. There are also interviews with models and talk with sports celebrities. Overall, this book is a wonderful resource.

It is marketed for teens to twenty which in my mind perfect as most twenty years old like myself have no clue how to properly do make up. May be some kids are savvy, but I am not. If you want to look and feel beautiful, check this book out. If you do not have money, you can see if local library has a copy of it, and borrow it but read it if you can.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Beauty is skin deep

I have felt very beautiful when I was traveling in Europe this summer with my friends, as I was stress free and I did not have other things to worry about. Like daily classes or my part time work.

It did wonder to my skin and my look! I also lost some weight. I am beginning to think there is a connection between stress and younger looking folks, I think they have less stress in their life, don't you think so?

In other great news, I got coupon from Kohl's, so I was able to buy a great makeup kit for $10 off, just what I wanted. I will share more info later.

Now I am off to catch some Zz's.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beautiful the movie

Have you seen "Beautiful" the movie? With Minnie Driver and Sally field?

Tag line from IMDB says Sometimes you have to give up the life of your dreams, to discover the dream of your life... On her journey to become the next Miss American Miss, a young woman is forced to reevaluate her life's goal and, in the process, discovers what's really important and what it truly means to be... Beautiful.

Mona (Driver, who co-produced with her sister Kate) is a white trash young woman desperately attempting to achieve her life-long desire of becoming a beauty contestant winner of the Miss America pageant and spends the entire length of her life (and the film) in doggedly determined to do just that.

Unfortunately during her quest she gets pregnant and for reasons never fully explained (except the given that she is extremely selfish) has the child raised by her long-suffering best friend, Ruby (Adams), a nurse in an old folks' home, who stands by Mona through thick and thin. Gradually little Vanessa (Eisenberg, the moppet from those Pepsi commercials), begins to put two and two together and when Ruby is suddenly thrown in jail (for murder! Yes the plotting is ridiculous; seems one of her charges was saving up on her daily meds and finally overdosed unbeknownst to Ruby) Mona is faced with her greatest challenge: facing her daughter.

The film has not one shred of grace or subtlety. For example, with Vanessa as her new hurdle to overcome, what does Mona do. Get a lawyer, get a job, feed the tyke? No. She gets a camera and has the girl take candids of her for the upcoming big event and in one of the many cringe worthy moments finds herself assisting a pregnant woman's delivery in a supermarket, singing 'Wind Beneath My Wings' (!) The tone of the character is so mean-spirited that ultimately you don't care one iota if she succeeds in becoming a winner (she is so obsessed with this that nothing else matters in her life) and I actually loathed her for her displays of self-absorption and greed.

It was sickening and by the film's outrageous conclusion that Mona sees the errors of her way totally rings false and feels superfluous to the rest of the film.

Field, who obviously is one of our most talented actresses, should deserve better projects and one can only hope she will. As for Driver, another equally gifted actress, she had better get it into her head that there is no audience for a character that has no scruples, heart or affection for another character. If this was meant to be a black comedy then it completely misses the mark altogether.

I did not really care for the social message or the movie so much, but it is interesting to see, what people are willing to sacrifice in search of beauty or beauty pagents. Have you seen it? what do you think of it?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beautiful in different cultures

It has been said, beauty is in eye of beholder. It is true, being beautiful means different to different people and different culture. What is this elusive quality called beauty? Beauty is anything that pleasures the basic senses of any person. Beauty in eastern and western culture varies so much.

Check out following reads;

Become beautiful
where blogger talks about culture issues and how to become more beautiful. You will love these tips.

Clueless beautiful This post has been viewed thousands of time and has a deep philological thought provoking thoughts in it. Here is some excerpt from the article.

"Why do we value beautiful women? Recently there was a high profile hoax online where someone pretended to be a 19 year old woman stricken with leukemia. A few pictures of her were posted of a rather attractive young lady. The result was a massive outpouring of emotional support and not a few gifts mailed to her.

In discussions after the hoax was revealed, someone pointed out that the response would not have been as great if the victim had been portrayed as a 50 year old man. If the purpose of the hoax was to attract attention and sympathy, then a 19 year old beautiful woman was nearly perfect. Somehow it seems as if the untimely death of that woman is more tragic than any other.

Indeed, this is true. But why? Why do we seem to value beautiful young women above all others?

I think this runs deep; indeed I think it is instinctive. But before I talk about that, let's discuss the ethics of it.

I can't accept on an ethical basis that any person's value should be rated based on their age, sex or physical attributes. As soon as any criterion is introduced which permits us to decide that some people are more valuable than others, then the door is opened to unspeakable evil. I see no ethical benefit whatever from such ranking. Therefore I must categorize it as a "bad" thing.

But our instincts aren't based on ethics. They're based on utility. We value beautiful young women because they are the most important members of a tribe of hunter/gatherers."

Interesting huh? What do you all think? Please share your thoughts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

How far being beautiful can take you?

Is being beautiful a curse or boon? It depends, on who you ask. As beauty is in eye of beholder, feeling beautiful is also depending on how one feels about it. Audrey Hepburn thought she is not pretty, while whole world thought otherwise.

Check out some interesting reads from the internet;

Privilege of being beautiful An article by ABC

Article goes on to mention;

"The beauty penalty is a kind of backlash that we hadn't anticipated finding," Eckel told "20/20."

Some people who are not born beautiful now can have a plastic surgery and make them look as they want to with price to pay, it is worth it? For some it is; read on;

"But Fisher offered some hope, thanks to nice clothes, makeup … and plastic surgery.

"What's nice about it is that we live in a culture where you can begin to level the playing field. Where both men and women can actually make themselves better looking," she said.

They sure do. It's the basis for the "Extreme Makeover" TV shows. When Heather Waghelstein appeared on the show in 2004, she was a 33-year-old aspiring actress who had difficulty landing roles or a boyfriend.

Among the procedures Waghelstein received from "Makeover" were a chin implant, a face-lift, liposculpting, LASIK eye surgery, tooth bonding and a hair transplant.

She told "20/20" that the makeover had changed her life.

"My relations with the opposite sex definitely changed. I got a lot of attention when I came home," she said. "I would go out to bars with my friends and have drinks bought for me."

"People have very high expectations of the level of trust of beautiful people. When beautiful people fail to live up to those expectations, they're punished more harshly than people who are not beautiful," Eckel said. "

What do you do to feel beautuful? I am not sure I would go for plastic surgery, botox, cream sure! What do you think?

Friday, May 14, 2010

All-4-one: Beautiful As You!

Here is something to inspire beauty within you: Lyrics from All-4-0ne's song - Beautiful As You!
Read on; and be inspired.

From the moment I saw you
From the moment I looked into your eyes
There was something about you I knew, I knew
That you were once in a lifetime
A treasure near impossible to find
And I know how lucky I am to have you

Cause I've seen rainbows that could take your breath away
The beauty of the setting sun, on any given day
And when it comes to shooting stars I have seen a few
But I've never seen anything as beautiful as you

I can't believe that I have you
I can't believe that you're here in my arms
I've been waiting a life time for you, for you
And I've dreamed about you
Pictured in my mind who I would see
But I never imagined just how beautiful you'd be

Cause I've seen rainbows that could take your breath away
(take your breath away)
The beauty of the setting sun, on any given day (any given day)
And when it comes to shooting stars I have seen a few
But I've never seen anything as beautiful as you

I've seen rainbows that could take your breath away
(take your breath away)
The beauty of the setting sun, on any given day
And when it comes to shooting stars I have seen a few
But I've never seen anything as beautiful
But I've never seen anything as beautiful as you

From the moment I saw you
From the moment I looked into your eyes

Image: Wikipedia

Monday, March 22, 2010

Beauty secrets

Have you seen some people, men or women, they look half of their age? Their skin is silky and beautiful. There are no dark circle under the eyes? and hair, oh my are so silky, wavy, straight and feel like touching it?

You too can have those secrets, some natural and some with products. Everyone likes to to look their best, no matter what age, if you are single or married with kids. We can be best we can be and look the best we can.

It has been said, beautiful people get everything faster. In interview, they tend to get hired quicker compared to well qualified okay looking person. Is that fair? I sure do not think so. Some people are born with beauty, it is in their genes, while most of us, have to work at it but it can be done. We will explore some ways to look and feel beautiful.

First and foremost is to reduce stress in your life. Stress adds wrinkles and ages you quicker. Here are quick 5 tips to start out on journey to beautifying yourself. This tips are for both women and men, regardless of the age.

1. Sleep
Get you 8 hours of sleep. Some time you need more, and that's okay. If you can take a short power nap in afternoon, do so. Those 10-15 minutes will do you very good.

2. Excercise
Walk, jog, run, excercise in Gym or at home. Play with your dog, kids, or boyfriend/girl friend. Go for a hike. Excervise does not need to be boring. You can catch up on TV or movies watching while you run on trademill. Do at least 30 minutes of excercise every day.

3. Water
Drink water. We often drink coffee, tea and lot of soda and while there is nothing wrong with it, but water is the best for your body. If you can drink ice water or chilled water, it has said to help your metabilosm too. So go ahead, drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

4. Go in Sun
We get vitamin D by being sun and also by fortified food. If weather is good, go outside in Sun, read a book, do gardening, or walk or like me, do people watching at the park. 15 minutes of sunlight will do miracle. Try it for 2 weeks and you can feel the difference.

5. Take your vitamins
Balanced diet is good, but when we can not eat well, make sure your take your proper vitamins everyday. Now, there is vitamins for every age, women, men and childrens are available. Some are in gel, pill or liguid forms, whatever your budget and taste are, everyone should take vitamin and can afford it.

We will exlpore more secrets of looking good in future posts.