Monday, May 24, 2010

How far being beautiful can take you?

Is being beautiful a curse or boon? It depends, on who you ask. As beauty is in eye of beholder, feeling beautiful is also depending on how one feels about it. Audrey Hepburn thought she is not pretty, while whole world thought otherwise.

Check out some interesting reads from the internet;

Privilege of being beautiful An article by ABC

Article goes on to mention;

"The beauty penalty is a kind of backlash that we hadn't anticipated finding," Eckel told "20/20."

Some people who are not born beautiful now can have a plastic surgery and make them look as they want to with price to pay, it is worth it? For some it is; read on;

"But Fisher offered some hope, thanks to nice clothes, makeup … and plastic surgery.

"What's nice about it is that we live in a culture where you can begin to level the playing field. Where both men and women can actually make themselves better looking," she said.

They sure do. It's the basis for the "Extreme Makeover" TV shows. When Heather Waghelstein appeared on the show in 2004, she was a 33-year-old aspiring actress who had difficulty landing roles or a boyfriend.

Among the procedures Waghelstein received from "Makeover" were a chin implant, a face-lift, liposculpting, LASIK eye surgery, tooth bonding and a hair transplant.

She told "20/20" that the makeover had changed her life.

"My relations with the opposite sex definitely changed. I got a lot of attention when I came home," she said. "I would go out to bars with my friends and have drinks bought for me."

"People have very high expectations of the level of trust of beautiful people. When beautiful people fail to live up to those expectations, they're punished more harshly than people who are not beautiful," Eckel said. "

What do you do to feel beautuful? I am not sure I would go for plastic surgery, botox, cream sure! What do you think?

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